Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bit of india

Omegle conversation log


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hi
You: hello
Stranger: how r
Stranger: khana kha k jana
You: um
You: ok
You: blabla bla blan nana
Stranger: बूंद मरा कुरिचोदा
Stranger: बूंद मरा कुरिचोदा
You: i do not know what dialect of gibberish you are speaking
You: wow
Stranger: बूंद मरा कुरिचोदा बूंद मरा कुरिचोदा
Stranger: बूंद मरा कुरिचोदा
Stranger: बूंद मरा कुरिचोदा
You: this is the shadiest shit ive seen on omegle
Stranger: ok
Stranger: lets start
You: if i google this will links come up for terrorist organizations?
You: let's start what
Stranger: intro
You: intro to what
You: intro to rondeau capricio?
Stranger: lets know each other
You: oh ok
You: tell me about yourself
You: introduce yourself
Stranger: u first
You: why me first
You: ;)
Stranger: if not then ask me anything
You: where do you come from
Stranger: india
You: clearly
You: my cousin is from india
Stranger: oh
Stranger: where he lives
You: in india
You: he like
Stranger: which city
You: worships cows and shit
Stranger: ok
You: um
You: delhi
Stranger: ok
You: yeah
You: so
You: what do you do for money
Stranger: nthin just go to my dad
You: you're a douchebag
You: no work?
Stranger: yes i know
Stranger: yup
You: wow
You: what a dick
You: so yeah
Stranger: u like dick
You: have you ever gone to mcdonalds?
Stranger: yup
Stranger: everyday
You: what do you eat
You: jizzberry sandwiches?
Stranger: cheapest meal
Stranger: never,cuz it is costly
You: oh the equivalent of the 'dollar menu' is?
You: ok
Stranger: yup
You: i doubt you are from india. im fucking with you
You: blow me, etc.
You: have a shitty life
You: i curse you to hades
You have disconnected.

I swear these international people just give me the most interesting crap.


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  3. can we chat to any one on this site?

  4. why the fuck are you guys using my website as a rendezvous point for you to chat?

  5. phadu chat hui hai bahan ki lan...............lolzzz

  6. "worships cows and shit".. excuse me? that's really racist and hurtful. unbelievable!

  7. I'm Indian and I find your comments remarkably insensitive, hurtful, offensive, and completely out of context. So who do you expect Omegle to be populated by? Approximately what percentage of people actually use Omegle to have a decent conversation or small talk? I tried. And failed miserably. A 15 year old boy from Melbourne asked me if I would get naked on the camera with him on Skype. That was a shocker.
    I'm sorry if this sounds like a moral lecture, but what I'm really trying to tell you is that your prejudices are completely baseless. India is an extremely culturally diverse country. People from different parts of India are radically different from each other. You can't generalize people as "cow worshipers". That's completely baseless. I for one, while belonging to a religion that indeed believes in cow worship, love my beef steaks.
    So basically, racial stereotyping really sucks.

  8. Hi Rohini!
    Thank you for your complaint. It has a surplus of valid reasons as to why one would be offended to seeing such material on a random website such as this. Speaking of random, I'd be particularly interested as to how you found this website/blog as I know none of the interesting followers on this blog.
    It's people like you who take things way out of context. "Worships cows and shit" is a gross exaggeration to a respected culture of 1 billion people.
    On a side note, I enjoy how this is the only post you commented on for any form of racism or insensitivity. Take any post and one can find something relatively problematic with
    Nevertheless, I truly don't feel that I fully stereotyped in any way. I said my cousin (who lives in India) 'worshiped cows'. If that's what you do, how on earth is that a stereotype? It's people like you who get their balls in an uproar over any little thing that has a chance of being construed into something that can be deemed 'racist'.
    If you have a problem with my postings, I humbly ask you to not come to this specific site any more.

    p.s Don't blame me for what some sick 15-year-old wanted to do with you physically on Skype. That's an entirely separate issue that does not need to be addressed here.
    I'd also like to know how you feel about popular culture and how small forms racism is used in (for example) television shows or even anywhere on the internet. Why not combat forms of racism that are being projected into TVs every day?

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  10. wow look at all the Hi's here and one chick going mad cow for saying people worship cows! LOL

    I'm Indian and this was a pretty cool conversation! at least u got proper reply's rather than want to suck my dick :P way to go

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